Secret Beauty Weapon: Miracle Balm

We all have our miracle products that often surprise us. You know what I mean – the products that we don’t think will stand out but we soon discover we can’t live without! Laura tells us about why she loves Bella Vita’s Miracle Balm.


Miracle Balm by Bella Vita // Toronto Beauty Reviews

My love for this Made in Canada balm began several years ago when I was chosen as a tester for the Elle Canada Beauty Grand Prix. I was sent several hair and body care items in a concealed package to test for a month and this baby happened to be one of them! This quickly became one of my secret beauty weapon items!

Let’s begin with the lavender scent shall we?  I love it and I find it soothing and therapeutic. The Miracle Balm is a multitasker made of propolis which is a blend of bee secretions, pollen, and tree resin. Propolis is created by bees to protect their hives from infection and it’s also fantastic for us too! The balm is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic which also contains emu oil, castor oil and comfrey. It’s great for chapped or cracked skin; strengthens weak or brittle nails; it also soothes and helps regenerate burned skin. As a bonus it also provides relief from itching due to psoriasis or eczema and softens dry/cracked heels.

Miracle Balm // Toronto Beauty Reviews

It comes in a round tin with a mini spatula. The balm softens when warmed and the spatula is helpful to scrape the product out. You can use it anywhere on your skin. I find it amazing on super dry skin or problematic areas and it works very well and fast! I tend to get really a dry, itchy and red patch on my ring finger due to my wedding band and constantly doing dishes; this product helps get my skin back to its healthy self.

I absolutely recommend giving the Bella Vita Miracle Balm a try! At $15 it really is a bargain for everything it can do. You can it at your local health food store.

Do you have any secret beauty weapons?

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