The Knot Dr. PhD Hybrid Styler

When I received the PhD Hybrid Styler from The Knot Dr., my first thought  went to my 8 year old daughter Sam. She’s been scarred  by my need to have her hair be presentable, and tangle free at all times.  Our mornings consist of her whining that I’m being too rough when brushing her hair and me telling her to “tough it out”.  It can be really difficult to find a good hair brush that works on both wet and dry hair; so when I brought home the super stylish brush that comes in modern packaging, it was as exciting for me as I knew it would be for her! In general, whenever I bring a new product home to test, Sam gets super excited. You see, I have an 8 year old that thinks she’s 18 and that she needs to ‘help Mommy write reviews’ 😉 .

The Knot Dr., hair brush, hair styling, tangles

{The Knot Dr. Brush Review}

We both used the Knot Dr. brush after our nightly bath on our wet hair; I must say, it did not disappoint.  Sam was over the moon and happy in her room, in front of the mirror brushing through her hair with no fuss and no tears – all by herself! And most importantly – she wasn’t fighting me and felt more independent as she didn’t need my help to get rid of stubborn tangles.  I used it myself and I noticed the same results on my hair; I was able to pull the brush through my wet locks with minimal effort.

While the brush worked well on freshly washed wet hair, the  real test would come the next morning when re-brushing out Sam’s hair. Every morning when my daughter wakes up her mane is a tangled mess! I have no clue what she does all night, but it’s a guarantee that new tangles will form overnight.  The Knot Dr. PhD Styler brush worked wonders.  Sam was able to brush her hair out on her own again, and there were no tears! It was a miracle!  That alone makes this brush worth its weight in gold.  The brush excels at de-tangling the hair without pulling or breaking it.

The Knot Dr., hair brush, tangles, hair styler,

The brush itself is very lightweight,  and feels nice to hold as the handle is ergonomically designed. The bristle tips are smooth and rounded. so they also massage your scalp which stimulates circulation.  It has a slim profile which takes up less space in my already overly packed drawers and I can also easily throw it in my purse! This brush has saved us a TON of time both in the evenings and mornings, which has made our lives just a little more stress-free!

Pick up this particular brush for $24 CDN and shop The Knot Dr. range of brushes at Murale.

Have you tried The Knot Dr. brushes before? What’s your favourite hair brush?

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