WAXON Wax Bar Review

Moving to a new area means finding new places to go for your beauty needs. I recently moved south from my previous midtown location and had to find a new spot for my waxing needs. Being South Asian, you know this girl has a lot of hair. I do what I can to keep it in check and that usually involves a trip to a wax bar. The other day, I walked into a salon nearby to get my brows done without reading any reviews beforehand. HUGE MISTAKE! I walked out of there looking like Scar!

{Waxon Wax Bar}

I didn’t know what to say, but I wasn’t happy. A couple of weeks later, I got an invitation to check out WAXON Wax Bar. They have four locations in Toronto (they’re also located in Halifax, Burlington, and Oakville!) and it turns out there’s one less than a 10-minute drive away from me! Not only that, but they also accept walk-ins, and I have to admit, I don’t always book appointments in advance, so this is great for me.

Since I had recently had my brows done (they weren’t done well, but they were done), I opted for the Brow Neat & Tidy ($14). There, I met Andrea, who used a hard wax on my brows and ACTUALLY FIXED THEM! I have normal brows again, guys!!!

I had a wonderful experience at WAXON Wax Bar and also got a chance to ask the founder of WAXON, Lexi Miles, a few questions about waxing.

What are the benefits to using hard vs soft wax on any particular body part?

 Strip or “soft” wax is used on larger less sensitive areas of the body such as your arms and legs. If you are getting a below the belt wax and your esthetician only uses strip wax, be prepared for a much more painful service and a greater risk of burns and bruising. OUCH!  

 Hard wax (removed without a strip) is a low temperature sensitive wax, which is why it is used strictly on below the belt, underarm and facial waxing services. WAXON uses our exclusive WAXON GOLD Wax that contains superior ingredients like titanium dioxide and Mica to make for a much more comfortable and flawless wax experience. At WAXON we also apply oil before waxing to act as a barrier between the skin and the wax, so the wax is adhering only to the hair, not the skin making for the most comfortable, BEST wax experience you’ve ever had!

 Not convinced, you need to try it for yourself to believe it!


How should someone prepare for their first waxing experience?

 Exfoliating before getting a wax will help prep the hair to be removed. Also, trimming the hair if it is too long will ease pain during a wax service as there wont be a pull when removing the wax strip. The ideal hair length is the length of a grain of rice – approximately 2mm

 HOT TIP: Try our BareEase numbing cream if you’re nervous about your first wax! BareEase is applied 30-40minutes before your wax service to reduce pain. It numbs the area and helps make it virtually painless!


If you’re waxing and wanting to get a spray tan before going on vacation, what’s the best timing for it all?


Waxing pre spray tan is an awesome way to prep the body pre-tan, as waxing is the best natural exfoliation you can get and will help the tan apply more evenly to the skin.

We recommend waxing 2 days prior to getting a spray tan to achieve the best results. This ensures you avoid any potential risk of skin irritation while the pores are open. CAUTION – Getting waxed after a spray tan will remove the tan from your body.


What are the pros/cons to waxing vs threading?


The famous question ‘To Thread or To Wax’ your face is 100% personal preference. Even though our wax is very gentle on the skin, threading can sometimes be a preferred method of hair removal for Clients with hypersensitive skin.

MYTH: Waxing causes saggy eyelids. FALSE!! It all comes down to the technique and the type of wax used. At WAXON we use an ultra-sensitive wax that only adheres to the hair, not the skin, resulting in minimal pulling of skin and reduced redness. 


Brows have become a focus in beauty over the past few years. What do you suggest to maintain good-looking brows after a wax/thread?

One thing to remember is that WOW brows don’t happen overnight! To achieve your ultimate brow shape you should see an expert to first complete a brow consultation and determine your natural brow shape and most importantly discuss what your ideal shape is!

If you haven’t paid a visit to Waxon Wax Bar I highly suggest you make it a point to soon!

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