You’ve probably heard of Thierry Mugler, the creator of such iconic fragrances as Angel and Alien. The House of Mugler has come out with a few fragrances since then, but this week, a new Mugler pillar fragrance has joined the family: Aura Mugler.

Aura Mugler perfume | Toronto Beauty Reviews

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Aura is the latest major perfume to come out of the Mugler creative vision. In his words, “Aura is an uncontrollable magic that the magnetism of the fragrance materializes”. With that kind of description, you better believe that this fragrance is going to turn heads! This newest Mugler perfume is one that has a unique bottle and an even more unique scent.

The Bottle

Following the Thierry Mugler signature look, the deep emerald green bottle is a geometric work of art. The chiseled glass is shaped into a heart that is set in a metal “M” (for Mugler, of course). The deep green hue makes it appear dark and mysterious with the gleaming metal being an architectural contrast to the earthy tones of the rest of the bottle. It’s reminiscent of a jungle or deep forest. Honestly, I wish this could be made into a necklace or ring – I would love to wear an emerald that looks as good as this.

Aura Mugler perfume | Toronto Beauty Reviews

The Scent

This fragrance is built upon the words: oriental, botanical, and carnal. The perfume is layered using three hearts:

  • The Beating/Oriental heart: tiger liana

Recently discovered by Firmenich, tiger liana is a Chinese medicinal plant that is sharp and smoky, with a sugared almond scent.

  • The Botanical heart: rhubarb leaf and orange blossom

Rhubarb leaf has a great crisp smell that you can sense off the top while orange blossom has a delicate sweetness that’s quite feminine. The two create a somewhat juicy feeling that balances out the drier tiger liana.

  • The Animal/Carnal heart: bourbon vanilla and wolfwood

Bourbon vanilla bring a woody, spicy note to this fragrance and this is what you end up smelling more as the scent lingers on your skin. Wolfwood, another FIrmenich exclusive, is more of a muted scent with accents of smoke and wood to complement the vanilla.

How does it compare?

I found the previous pillar fragrances, Angel and Alien, to be quite powerful fragrances. Aura is more subtle than its predecessors, but I think Mugler has done a great job with its newest pillar perfume.


Aura by Mugler just launched on January 21st in Canada and is available in 30, 50, and 90mL refillable bottles ($85, $115, $150), so you can always have the fragrance with you. You can also capture this unique scent as a foaming shower milk ($55) or silky body lotion ($65), both available in 200mL bottles.

Will you be trying out Aura by Mugler?

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