Beauty Bridal Cleanse Week 1

Sorry, not to confuse you, I’m not a bride LOL! I was at one point but I’m happily married now although I would LOOOVE to do a wedding again, I love weddings 😛

I’m participating in Bridal Cleanse guided by Jen Newell ND in collaboration with Blush Pretty.

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Of course the bridal cleanse isn’t JUST for brides. But many of the benefits a bride is looking for (weight loss, clear skin, more energy etc) are what we’re all looking for aren’t we?

I’ve decided to take on the challenge and am almost completed week 1 in which I am in between phases of the cleanse right now. The first part was just cleaning up my diet, staying away from caffeine (which I had been already doing anyway), eating more fruits and veggies, good grains and proteins and staying away from processed foods.

Jen  made it really easy by providing us sample meal plans along with recipes. She’s also guiding us through email and on twitter so we have complete support throughout and she can answer any questions we have.

The processed foods thing will be hard for me, I will admit. I’m of the “convenience” generation as I like to call it. So this week was all about grocery shopping. I bought kale for the first time (I had to ask what it looked like!) and I tried to bake from scratch for the first time. It was an utter failure by the way – attempted to make zucchini muffins only to find out I came home with 2 large cucumbers instead LOL!

The first week has been challenging but in a good way. I didn’t eat TOO badly before so I’m not feeling any difference yet but I’m saving money already as I’ve been bringing snacks and lunch to work almost everyday (go me!).

Hopefully I will see a difference in the next 3 weeks. If it’s not significant I think it will be a step towards and healthier and less hectic lifestyle any how 🙂 Wish me luck!!

If you’re on twitter you can follow my cleanse journey (along with the other ladies participating) by searching #BridalCleanse.

Have you ever tried a cleanse before? What are your thoughts?

***Disclosure: Jen Newell ND is offering her services complimentary. In return I’ve agreed to follow the program, attend 3 consecutive weekly group meetings, blog about my experience and share my experience through social media.***

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