Cocoon Body Wrap Spa Treatment

With Spring finally here (sort of!), I’m still feeling the effects of the harsh winter on my skin. I wasn’t diligent in exfoliating and applying lotion on the regular, so my skin was looking dull, dry and lifeless. Now that the warm weather is quickly approaching and more skin will be exposed as we have longer hours of daylight, a treatment to hydrate my skin is just what I need.

Cocoon Body Wrap Spa Treatment // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Cocoon Body Wrap Spa Treatment – Miraj Hammam Shangri-La}

I recently had my first visit at the Miraj Hammam Spa at the Shangri-La Hotel for a Cocoon Body Wrap Spa Treatment. This treatment started off with a dry exfoliation, then followed with an oil and body butter application and a hydrating wrap. It’s definitely a luxurious treat that leaves your skin soft, supple and filled with moisture.

Cocoon Body Wrap Spa Treatment // Toronto Beauty Reviews

From the moment I checked into the spa, I was greeted with friendly, professional staff. They walk you through every step of the process from taking you to the change room, to your treatment to the after relaxation at their lounge. As I changed into ​a ​velvety robe and massaging slippers, I instantly knew that I was in for a pampering treat. Alex, who did my Cocoon Body Wrap spa treatment, escorted me into the room and explained the process and asked if I wanted a nourishing or anti-aging oil – I went with nourishment since my skin was feeling dull and dehydrated.

Cocoon Body Wrap Spa Treatment // Toronto Beauty Reviews

As I laid down on the heated table/bed, Alex began to exfoliate my skin with a dry brush mitt and using upward strokes, alternating between hand and mitt towards the heart for better circulation. This technique is less abrasive and removes dead skins ​with each hand movement​. Next, an application of Caudalie’s Divine Oil (for nourishing) and Vine Body Butter is slathered all over before the hydrating wrap and blanket is placed to lock in and penetrate the moisture.

Cocoon Body Wrap Spa Treatment // Toronto Beauty Reviews

There is a lot of turning from my stomach to back to ensure everything is applied even and throughout​ my body​. While all wrapped up, you are then treated to a wonderful scalp massage. This unexpected massage was one of the highlights of the treatment. The blanket and wrap is removed and another application of lotion is applied with yet another massage. To end the treatment, a hot towel is placed on the feet to remove some of the lotion for safe walking back to the change room. I was absolutely amazed at how soft and smooth my skin was – it was as soft as a baby’s bottom! I was then walked​ over​ to the lounge and was left with some tea​, grapes​ and baklava.

Cocoon Body Wrap Spa Treatment // Toronto Beauty Reviews

My first experience ever at the Miraj Hammam Spa left me in awe and peaceful relaxation. Two clients in the change room both asked me if it was my first time and when I said yes, they raved about how much I would love it and that I was in for a real treat. This really spoke to me about how fabulous and reputable ​the spa is. The treatment was out of this world especially since I had no idea what to expect and that ​a quick body and scalp massage would also be included.

The Cocoon Body Wrap spa treatment is a brand new treatment and i​s​ now available for $1​5​5​ for 45 minutes​.

Other TBR experiences at the Miraj Hamman Spa include the Honey and Wine Wrap and the Hammam and Gommage.

Would you treat yourself to a Cocooon Body Wrap spa treatment this spring?

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