Discovering Organic Beauty Products from Dirty Girl Farm

We’re always excited to learn about eco-friendly, green beauty options here at TBR! Read on to find out more about Dirty Girl Farm, an all-natural, organic skincare company based in Michigan, and their roster of surprising superfood ingredients.

Discovering Organic Beauty from Dirty Girl Farm | Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Discovering Organic Beauty Products from Dirty Girl Farm}

Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. 

Turning Crisis into a Career Opportunity

There is nothing scarier than not knowing why your child is sick. When Heather Rosencrantz’ infant daughter broke out in skin rashes, Heather used her knowledge as a botanist to create a homemade salve. She hoped her plant-based remedy would help where so many over-the-counter products failed. Her all-natural products worked wonders, and her daughter’s rashes and skin irritations were, thankfully, soon a thing of the past.

At the time, Heather was using her botany degree by working as a grower, selling plants at local farmers’ markets. After seeing how successful her DIY products were in healing sensitive skin, however, Heather’s family encouraged her to sell her natural skincare blends along with her plants. Within a short period of time, sales of her products eclipsed those of her plants, and Dirty Girl Farm was born.

In the 20 years since, Heather has expanded DGF’s offerings to include over 400 products, ranging from skincare favourites to makeup, perfume, cleaning products and candles.


Discovering Organic Beauty from Dirty Girl Farm | Toronto Beauty Reviews

Photo courtesy of Dirty Girl Farm

Green Before it Was Cool

As DGF’s origin story shows, Heather isn’t just jumping on the ‘all-natural’ bandwagon. From the beginning, she has been passionate about creating plant-based products that highlight the power of natural ingredients. And – it’s important to note – that “beginning” was in 1994, making Dirty Girl Farm one of the first green beauty brands!

DGF’s natural cred is well earned. All of Heather’s products are vegan and organic, and are never tested on animals. She uses gluten-free and chemical-free formulas, sustainable ingredients, and ships her products using biodegradable materials.

What’s more, Heather’s botany expertise provides her with unique insight into the power of plants. While many skincare lines have recently featured trendy ingredients such as charcoal or coffee, DGF has countless products fueled by super-plants and superfoods. And, most importantly, you can be sure that these ingredients are chosen for their curative properties rather than their Instagram potential.

Take, for example, DGF’s Mothbean Retinol Lotion. While the name may sound slightly off-putting, mothbean is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that speeds up collagen production. In fact, it is as effective as a prescription retinoid! Or, if rosacea is your main concern, you could try DGF’s Seabuckthorn Berry Rosacea Soap. This innovative soap bar is packed with vitamins and antioxidants to reduce redness and inflammation.

With Heather’s years of experience in the science of plants and personal commitment to creating clean, effective beauty products, it’s no wonder that Dirty Girl Farms has become so successful. You can to shop their wide catalogue online by skincare concern (sensitive skin, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, acne-prone, oily, etc.) or by main ingredient, so you can easily find a specific item or browse their offerings to see what’s new. And you can feel confident knowing you are purchasing a product that is truly green.

Discovering Organic Beauty from Dirty Girl Farm | Toronto Beauty Reviews

Maddie’s Favourite Dirty Girl Farm Products

As you know from my previous stories, I’ve struggled with acne in the past. While that’s largely under control now, I still have scars and red marks on my skin. So I was especially excited to try out DGF’s Turmeric Facial Mask and Pearl Polish, both of which include ingredients to help even out skin texture and discolouration.

The Turmeric Facial Mask is easily recognizable by the yellow tint of its main ingredient. Known for its strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric can help soothe acne scars’ redness while also reducing pore size that can make scars more evident. (It’s also extremely tasty on veggies, but that’s besides the point here.)

I really liked that the face mask didn’t have a strong odour – in fact, it hardly had any fragrance at all! The mask was easy to apply, felt light on my skin, and dried down easily. I felt a subtle warmth during the drying process, but no discomfort or cracking. When I washed off the mask, I immediately noticed that my skin looked smoother, and it was definitely glowing. I’m very interested to see if this mask does reduce the appearance of my scars after extended use.

The Pearl Polish is another DGF must-have. A delicate but effective exfoliant, it removes dead skin cells and impurities, hydrates the skin, and fades discolouration. Ingredients like avocado oil and jojoba oil soothe any inflammation, while witch hazel and stearic acid ensure a deep cleanse.

Pearl powder is, of course, this product’s not-so-secret weapon. Pearl powder has the ability to lighten dark spots and repair collagen damage. Packed with powerful ingredients that feel incredibly gentle on the skin, the DGF Pearl Polish is sure to become a fan favourite.


Have you ever tried beauty products made with superfood ingredients? Which ones are your favourites?

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