How to Rock Pastel Lips This Summer

I am always the kind of girl ready to try new things when it comes to my daily look. For the past while I have been really drawn to the idea of pastel lips. I’ve always been a fan of soft colours when it comes to many things – even pastel nails.

How To Rock Pastel Lips // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{How To Rock Pastel Lips This Summer}

Often when you think of a bold lip —  a bright red, or a dark wine come to mind. Being at the opposite end of the spectrum, you would be surprised at how much of a statement pastel lips can make! For a stand-out but not over the top look, I like to use only natural tones on my eyes when pairing my makeup with any of these ethereal, creamy shades.

You can also read about this trend in allure. Today I try out a few of my own personal favourites that I plan on rocking all summer long in.

St. Germain by MAC

How To Rock Pastel Lips // Toronto Beauty Reviews

This bright, iconic colour by MAC is a cool, light pink. It seems to be the kind of tone that pops the more you tan. I really cannot wait to see how it looks on me after a beach day or two! It goes on creamy and does not disappoint. I find that it does need to be reapplied every so often but to be honest, I strangely like putting it on. Every time I do it’s like painting a really cute picture in the most darling shade. St. Germain can be purchased at any MAC retailer or online for approximately $21 CAD.

Lingerie Pink by Yves Saint Laurent

How To Rock Pastel Lips // Toronto Beauty Reviews

This lipstick is an even softer shade than the previous one mentioned! If you dare to go  for really light pastel lips, look no further.  It’s more on the warm side and the best way to describe it is “baby pink.” Although I consider this purchase a bit of a splurge, the formulation of the product is amazing. It glides on like butter, isn’t sticky and smells like roses! Yes, roses (at least, that’s what I’m smelling — you decide)! I also am a sucker for packaging and you cannot help but feel like such a lady when using it with its intricate gold detailing. You can purchase Lingerie Pink for approximately $40 CAD at Sephora and other reputable retailers across Canada.

Coven by Kat Von D

How To Rock Pastel Lips // Toronto Beauty Reviews

If you have the urge to look a bit edgy, I definitely would go with this Kat Von D lipstick. Kat Von D has worked to make her line of lipsticks in unique shades and of the utmost quality. It is a cool lavender colour (perfect to mix with St. Germain for the ombre look).  Another bonus is that it smells like crème brulee! On top of turning heads it’s like having a bit of dessert on your lips. I love the studded black casing of this line. I don’t really own anything similar so it is a nice addition to my lipstick collection visually. Last but not least it is vegan and 100% cruelty free! This can be purchased for approximately $26 CAD at Sephora.

Sway by NYX

How To Rock Pastel Lips // Toronto Beauty Reviews

The most budget-friendly of all the lipsticks I am reviewing today, I was extremely impressed with this  shade from the NYX Liquid Suede collection.  It too is a lavender but a little bit darker than the Kat Von D one. Everyone has different looks that pair better with their hair and skin. I like this one equally as much as the others and love the application. One stroke and you have bold, opaque colour. It dries matte but does not dry out my lips. One small tip with purple lipsticks is to use whitening toothpaste for a few days prior to wearing the lipstick out. It does tend to make your teeth look a little on the creamier side, but not yellow in my experience. Oh and once again – a cruelty free product! I am a huge animal lover so it makes me really happy to discover products that are conscious of the treatment little critters also. You can purchase Sway for approximately $10 CAD at Shopper’s Drug Mart or from the NYX website online.

01 Miss You by Estee Lauder (Estee Edit Collection)

How To Rock Pastel Lips // Toronto Beauty Reviews

This fabulous peachy shade is matte, sexy and fresh for summer. It is another colour that I suspect will only increase in vibrancy as I get a tan this year. I love how feminine and cute it is. I think the picture says it all, but if you lean towards warmer tones and corals this one might really work for you. It has a silky smooth formulation and delivers solid, bold colour. I also adore the packaging which embodies a fun and youthful vibe and is perfect to pop in your purse when you are rocking some serious street style! You can purchase 01 Miss You at Sephora for approximately $26 CAD.

Which of these looks was your favourite?

Will you be trying the pastel lips summer trend?

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