One on One with Anastasia Soare

A few weeks ago I had the honour of interviewing and getting a one-on-one brow service with the queen of brows herself Anastasia Soare founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills.


If you’re like me you only realized the importance of the brows pretty recently. I’ll admit that I recall back in high school some of my friends plucking and shaping their brows but I never touched mine – I just pretty much brushed them into place. It’s not that thought they were a great shape or anything like that I just honestly never gave them much thought! As I got older I had people make comments that they loved my brows and the shape of them – so again I just left them as is!

Anastasia showed me how to REALLY look at my brows. My left brow is actually a bit higher than my right brow because the muscle over my left is just naturally more active. She taught me how to balance it out by plucking hairs above my left brow and below my right brow! Overall she liked the balance and shape of my brows but she gave me some really handy personalized tips.


She recommends that women ALWAYS get their brows professionally done – get the advice of a pro and maintain every few weeks if needed. Once you do the initial grooming and shaping of the brows your morning routine should take you only a couple of extra minutes with the right products. The right products are SUPER important. Anastasia mentioned that she spent a lot of time developing each of her brow products; the proper colours were the most difficult as brow products need to match not only the hair colour but the skin colour too. Every other colour cosmetic product only has to take skin tone into account.


I absolutely LOVED the final result of my brows after Anastasia got her expert hands on them. She even lightened them slightly with brow gel which I would have NEVER thought to do but I really loved the look! My brows are quite dark and I feel like the slightly lighter brows allowed my eyes to take centre stage more.

Anastasia of Beverly Hills products are available at Sephora. I highly recommend getting a consult and experimenting with brows yourself. They can make SUCH an impact to your entire look.

Are you brow obsessed or are you still figuring out your brow style?


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