Pure + Simple Fresh Canadian Brands Event

I was invited to experience Pure + Simple’s Fresh Canadian Brands event and was introduced to new companies that are entering the market. As regular readers of this blog know, we’re huge fans of Pure +Simple! They’ve been my personal choice for facials and skincare products ever since I moved back to Toronto in 2013. As a skincare and wellness spa that focuses on products that are all-natural and free of harmful ingredients, I was excited to see what other local brands are entering the market.

Pure + Simple Fresh Canadian Brands Event // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Pure + Simple Fresh Canadian Brands Event // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Pure + Simple Fresh Canadian Brands Event}

The evening was filled with meeting different companies from across Ontario, testing out their products, and trying some new snacks on the side. One snack that I got to take home and share with my husband is kale chips from Healthy Crunch. The flavour I got to try is called Say Cheese. These are vegan, nut-free, peanut-free organic chips that are really hearty and taste great.

Pure + Simple Fresh Canadian Brands Event // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Pure + Simple Fresh Canadian Brands Event – Healthy Crunch Kale Chips


The cheesy flavour came from nutritional yeast, but you couldn’t tell that it wasn’t cheese! I now have a bag on my desk to munch on during the day – SO much healthier than going for a bag of potato chips! Healthy Crunch kale chips will be available in Loblaws in the fall and will be sold at Starbucks locations starting in August.

Kale is still a huge trend in the food market but its also making its way to the beauty industry!


After getting a chance to try out some of the products from the night, here are my top 3 Canadian brands to be on the lookout for (in no particular order): 


Started by celebrity stylist and World Hair Salon founder Brian Phillips, World is a collection of natural beauty products that doesn’t contain the usual fragrances and other common irritants.

Brian founded this company when he developed contact dermatitis after using so many products in his salon (yikes!). In an effort to find healthier products, he found that he had to go out there and make it himself.

Pure + Simple Fresh Canadian Brands Event // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Pure + Simple Fresh Canadian Brands Event  – World

With the help of a some friends in the biochemistry world, Brian was able to formulate a cleanser, moisturizer, and balm (among other things) that work for both hair and skin. Combination products are always a great way to keep down the clutter in your bathroom! Brian and his staff exclusively use World products in their salon, which is pretty environmentally-friendly, considering they’re the only salon in Toronto that uses solar panels to heat their water!

The “Clean” cleanser (360mL $29), is both a shampoo and body wash that leaves your hair and skin feeling moisturized. The “Protect” conditioner (360mL $29) does just that. It’s a non-greasy moisturizer that conditions, strengthens, and can even be used as a shaving cream or makeup remover.

The Believe hair and skin balm (56.7g $29) is a salve that can soothe and heal. Brian mentioned that one of his clients used this on her mosquito bites and the itch and swelling went away almost immediately. This is definitely something that I plan on keeping in my purse whenever I go to the cottage!

Sattva Pure

Originally from Aurora, the ladies at Sattva Pure only use organic, fair trade and vegan ingredients in their skincare products. Their lotions, body butters, scrubs, and cleansers are a great all-natural alternative to what’s out there. I especially love their lime body lotion (235mL $28) since I’m a sucker for citrus scents. Their lavender body butter (200mL $30) is a great way to relax and moisturize before going to bed.

FitGlow Beauty

When people think of organic cosmetics, they think of brown bottles, hippies, and products that don’t last throughout the day. While some of that may still be true, brands like FitGlow want to change that stereotype. The cruelty-free and vegan products are designed for people who lead active lifestyles, but still want to look good. The packaging is super cute and eye-catching and I really like the feel of their cosmetics on my skin.

Pure + Simple Fresh Canadian Brands Event // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Pure + Simple Fresh Canadian Brands Event – FitGlow

The Renew serum (30mL $59) with hyaluronic acid does a nice job of hydrating my skin while also making it look glowing! When you’re on the go, the Weekend Reset Kit ($129) can be great to have in your overnight bag. It contains the Sea Toning Mist; a refreshing spray to balance the skin after cleansing. Also included are a microscrub and overnight mask.

Combined, this kit keeps your skin feeling refreshed and renewed, even when you’re running around on the weekend. FitGlow Beauty also has an array of makeup and vegan makeup brushes available at any Pure + Simple location.

The Pure + Simple Fresh Canadian Brands event is on until July 31st. Check out one of their locations and see these and other Canadian brands for yourself. Tell us in the comments which brands you like and your favourite products!

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