Rimmel London Spring 2017 Launches

Get ready to look super fresh faced this season with a few products from the Rimmel London Spring 2017 Launches!

Rimmel London Spring 2017 // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Rimmel London Spring 2017 Launches}

The Only 1 Matte Lipstick

Rimmel London Spring 2017 // Toronto Beauty Reviews

“Salute” (an enhanced version of my natural lip colour) and “Trendsetter”, a rich yet natural brownish nude have been my two go to lip colours since I tried them out! This matte lipstick comes in 10 striking shades,  I want to try them all! These lipsticks actually have a scent so I suggest sniffing the tester while in the store to see if it works for you. I personally like the smell, but everyone is different!

A few things I love:

  • Non drying
  • Glides on smooth
  • Perfect, matte coverage
  • Great colours!

Unlike some matte lipsticks, these ones don’t leave your lips dry. Being as we are just coming out of the cold months that are often hard on your skin, you don’t want anything to enhance the flakies! Try moisturizing your lips ahead of time so that they are smooth and ready for the matte colour. Often I find lipstick can make those unsightly little flaps of dry skin show up even more.

Rimmel London Spring 2017 // Toronto Beauty Reviews

Salute (top) | Trendsetter (bottom)


These lipsticks also glide on smooth and give a perfect matte coverage. I like how naturally beautiful they look, and the colours I chose are great for the office or the everyday.

Price: $8.99


BB Cream Beauty Balm

Rimmel London Spring 2017 // Toronto Beauty Reviews

This stuff is amazing. I like foundations that even out the skin tone, with moderate coverage that doesn’t look cakey. Simply put – I want to look glowing and natural.

A few things I love:

  • Adjusts to my skin tone and blends well
  • Great coverage
  • Not cakey

I find this does the trick and perfectly adjusts to my skin tone (no makeup lines where the colour doesn’t match your neck!) I usually get colour matched for foundation so I was not expecting this generic tube of Light/Medium to blend so well but it does! I have been using it every day for a few weeks now.

It also evens out any red areas on my skin, making me have a natural glow without looking cakey or overdone.

Price: $9.99


Magnif’Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

Rimmel London Spring 2017 // Toronto Beauty Reviews

These shadow palettes are a makeup junkie’s paradise! The three I have are 003 Grunge Glamour (an assortment of cool blues, browns and greys) 002 London Nudes Calling (warm blush, brown and champagne tones) and 001 Keep Calm and Wear Gold (a nice array of matte and metallic browns, golds and greys).

A few things I love:

  • Blend able, wearable shades
  • Lots of variety in colour
  • Mix of matte and metallic

These shadows are very blend able and I am hard pressed to find even one shadow that wouldn’t be wearable. They all are what I would consider in the range of a neutral palette as even the blues and purples are very understated, yet can be used dramatically depending on how they are applied!

There is SO much variety in the colours – my palette of choice is London Nudes Calling as I always lean towards those warm brown and champagne tones. There is also a perfect mix of matte and metallic shades giving you plenty of options in your eye shadow wardrobe.

Price: $14.99

All of these products can be found in drugstores and mass retailers across Canada!

Which looks are you planning to add to your makeup collection this spring? Will the Rimmel  London Spring 2017 products be on your wish list?




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