Creating Custom Makeup at Mix Beauty Lab

One of the most common frustrations with makeup is the difficulty in finding colours that suit you. Some companies offer colour-matching services or accept returns of products that haven’t hit the mark, but finding the right products can still feel like a hopeless search. At Mix Beauty Lab, however, you can create custom makeup, ensuring your colour – and formula – are just right.

Creating Custom Makeup at Mix Beauty Lab | Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Creating Custom Makeup at Mix Beauty Lab}


Disclaimer: I received the following products from Mix Beauty Lab at no cost, for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.


Last week, I got to create my own custom foundation, lip gloss and lipstick at Mix Beauty Lab in Toronto. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of options available, and by the reasonable price point for the services. Read on to find out about the process, and see the looks I created with the final products!


Custom Lip Gloss

When creating a custom lip gloss at Mix, you have a few different options. In addition to the obvious possibilities of the colour, you can choose:

  • Formula: glacé (thin), polish (medium), or smoothie (balm-like)
  • Flavours/scents: mimosa, vanilla, pink champagne, coconut, and more
  • Additives: SPF, moisturizer, silkener for smoother texture
  • Pigment powder: glitters and shimmers to top off your gloss

I decided to go for a maroon-cranberry gloss with a hint of peach shimmer. It was a bit challenging to create a cool enough hue, but my artist and I were soon able to find the correct balance of tones and create a rich pseudo-neutral. I will, of course, surprise no one by telling you that I selected the Pink Champagne flavor for my gloss.

Overall, I was fairly pleased with my custom lip gloss creation. It feels nourishing and light on my lips, and has just enough shine for the upcoming holiday season. In general, I’m not a big lip gloss wearer, as my unruly hair is preternaturally attracted to anything sticky, but I can definitely see myself reaching for this gloss in the months to come.

Price: $40 each or 2 for $70

Creating Custom Makeup at Mix Beauty Lab - Lipgloss | Toronto Beauty Reviews

Custom Lipstick

While I didn’t really have a particular colour in mind for the lip gloss, I knew exactly what I wanted for the lipstick. As you know, I love a bold lip, and am no stranger to wearing a rainbow of colours. For my custom lipstick creation, therefore, I challenged (and surprised) my artist with a request for a teal lip. Much like with the gloss, I was also able to customize:

  • Formula: matte, butter (satin), or crème (high-shine)
  • Flavour/scent
  • Shimmer

The challenge here was creating the exact colour I was thinking of. I had brought in a reference photo, which helped a great deal. Once my artist brought out a neon yellow pigment to mix with the cool blue, I knew we were in business. I decided not to use any flavour or shimmer, as the colour of my lipstick was going to make a big enough impact on its own.

I absolutely love the colour of my custom lipstick. It is exactly what I had imagined: the perfect marriage of grey, green, and blue. The formula isn’t quite as matte as I would want (I’m a sucker for a bone-dry formula), but the colour is so unique that I know this will soon become one of my favourite lipsticks.

Price: $50 each or 2 for $80


Creating Custom Makeup at Mix Beauty Lab - Lipstick

Custom Foundation

This was the station I was most excited and nervous for. My skin is so fair and sensitive that I usually don’t wear foundation, since I’ve had trouble finding a formula that covers redness without obscuring my freckles, and breathes enough so that I don’t get skin irritation. I was thrilled, therefore, to see that at Mix Beauty Lab, I could customize according to:

  • Coverage level: anything was possible, from a light, tinted moisturizer to full coverage
  • Skin type: oily, combination, or dry
  • Desired finish: matte, glow, or dewy
  • Optional SPF

We began the consult by chatting about my skin needs and concerns. I explained about my skin type and the challenges I’ve had with previous foundations, and we decided on a moisturizing, glow-inducing, SPF-heavy foundation with medium coverage. And, within minutes, my artist had whipped one up! She tested the colour on my jawline, made a few adjustments, and poured the liquid magic into a bottle. She also took note of what she had used, so I would be able to recreate the formula the next time I went in.

I absolutely adore my custom foundation. It is an exact match for my skin tone, and feels light and smooth after application. Surprisingly, it’s a similar colour to my usual TruBlend Matte Made foundation, but feels much more breathable on the skin. I’ve worn my Mix custom foundation several days in a row and have had zero irritation or breakouts. And, since the formula has such a high SPF, I’ve also been able to take the sunscreen step out of my morning routine, meaning I get out the door faster. To top it all off, this foundation has lasted throughout my often 10+ hour workdays with no touch-ups or setting sprays. This truly is the best foundation I’ve ever used.

Price: $65 for 1 fl. oz.



Final Thoughts

While I enjoyed the process of making all three products at Mix Beauty Lab, if I had to pick one custom makeup product to recommend, it would be the foundation.

There are so many different lip products that are commercially available (and at such low prices), that I’m not sure if creating a custom one for everyday use is a particularly good value. If you’re trying to match a specific shade of fabric or commemorating a special event, however, then the custom lipstick could be worthwhile.

With Mix Beauty Lab foundation, though, you can truly make a one-of-a-kind blend for your one-of-a-kind complexion and skin needs. Since there are so many options available with the foundation, it truly feels like a custom experience. And, because the shade is created specifically for you, you’re sure to find the perfect fit, which unfortunately is not the case with every range of commercial foundations.

Ultimately, a trip to Mix Beauty Lab is a fun, unique activity, and one that you can revisit every time you use your products. Head up to Mix with a group of friends, create some custom makeup, and then wear your new products while out on the town! Or book out the studio for a bridal party or special event, and give everyone a special keepsake of custom makeup to commemorate your time together. And, no matter what the occasion, you’ll be sure to enjoy all the compliments you’ll get on your perfect makeup.


Have you ever had custom makeup made for you? What products did you create?

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