Walking On Air With Dr. Liza Shoes

Since middle school, I have been absolutely obsessed with high heels. T-straps, sling-backs, stilettos, espadrilles – if it was taller than 1”, I wanted to wear it.  A broken toe and two knee surgeries later, however, I thought my heel-wearing days were behind me. Then I found dr. Liza shoes.

{Walking On Air With Dr. Liza Shoes}

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With the slow reopening of businesses last month came the realization that I needed some new shoes if I would be leaving my slipper-haven home. As I was scrolling through Instagram one day, I saw a glowing review of the dr. Liza brand, promising high heels that were genuinely as comfortable as sneakers. I was skeptical, but I took the leap and made a purchase. Once the shoes arrived, I was so impressed that I purchased another pair that same day!

Dr. Liza shoes are:

  • Stylish
  • Comfy
  • High-quality
  • Gorgeous
  • From a local, female-owned, Black-owned business
  • Designed by a foot & posture specialist
  • Great for narrow feet, wide feet, bunions, arch issues, & more!

About Dr. Liza

Dr. Liza Egbogah is a highly regarded Toronto chiropractor and osteopath. She has her own clinic downtown, and for over a decade has been the go-to specialist for athletes, celebrities, and anyone suffering from posture problems or chronic pain. Clients and media outlets would constantly ask Dr. Liza for her recommendations on shoes that would keep feet healthy without sacrificing on style, and so Dr. Liza decided to design the perfect shoe herself.  

And if my experience is anything to go by, she damn well succeeded.

The Heels

I purchased the dr. Liza pump in Sky Blue ($275) and added a Navy ankle strap ($25) for some contrast.

I absolutely adore these shoes. I took them out of the box, immediately put them on, and didn’t take them off until bed. No breaking-in time, no pain, no chafing, no baby-giraffe-learning-to-walk gait. Just sexy shoes that felt unbelievably comfortable – and this is coming from someone with past ACL & meniscus damage! I can walk around (or stand in line) for hours and not feel any discomfort.

The secret? Thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. The shoes have an orthotic insole, a shock-absorbing platform, a rocker sole, and a non-skid rubber outsole. They’re made with gorgeous Brazilian leather that forms to your feet. And the description of each shoe gives real insight into whether or not they’ll be a good fit for your foot, so you don’t have to worry about what size would be right for you.

I love that the straps can be easily switched out or removed, too. Quality and ethical manufacturing come at a price – one I’m happy to pay – but it means that I try to have fewer items in my closet. Being able to change up the strap makes my dr. Liza shoes incredibly versatile, so I can wear them more often and with different looks. (I’m already finding any excuse to bust them out!)

The Flats

Since my casual look typically consists of jeans and a solid coloured t-shirt, I thought I’d go for a bold print with the flat shoe. I settled on the dr. Liza flat in Ankara Blue ($175), and love it just as much as the pump!

I have sensitive toes, so flats have historically been tough for me. There’s so much wiggle room in the toe box of the dr. Liza flats, however, that I don’t feel any pressure or discomfort. I can really feel the arch support in this shoe as well, and my heel doesn’t feel pinched in the slightest. Much like the pumps, I can wear these for extended periods of time without redness, irritation, or fatigue.

From arch to instep and heel to toe, dr. Liza shoes are designed with expertise, crafted with care, and an absolute joy to wear. (Plus they’re hella cute.)

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*Heads up that if you use the promo code, the products can be returned for exchange/store credit only.

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