Kenzo World Invites You to Stare Down Boring

Kenzo has created a new perfume that bridges the worlds of fashion and fragrance, bringing its signature irreverent style to this amber floral scent and daring you to see life in your own way.

{Kenzo World Fragrance}

Not Your Typical Perfume

When I think of fragrance and fragrance ads, it seems to me like we’re being sold one of two narratives: the story of the fresh, ethereal nymph, or the story of the hyper-sensual sophisticate. Neither of those particularly resonates with me, so I never thought I’d feel a real connection to a perfume.

Imagine my surprise when I encountered Kenzo’s latest creation. A new fragrance from the esteemed French/Japanese fashion house, Kenzo World is all about daring to be yourself, stereotypes or judgements be damned! With Kenzo fashion designers Carol & Humberto involved in every step of the fragrance creation and Spike Jonze directing the promotional film, you know this isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill eau de parfum.


The Story

Indeed, Kenzo World brings us into the mind of the “Kenzo Woman.” She’s powerful and she’s zany. She’s uninhibited and unafraid to be as silly, serious, or disruptive as the moment requires. She’s creative, bold, and chic, finding fun in the everyday and taking life by storm. Most importantly for me, she’s accessible. I know this woman. I’ve been this woman! Who amongst us hasn’t busted out a quick little dance move in a private moment of joy or felt a sudden, thrilling desire to make a big splash and shake up a too-quiet space?

The bottle design similarly expresses the themes of playfulness and individuality. A stylization of the iconic Kenzo eye, the bold combination of frosted glass and pink gold with a textured black lid pays homage to the history of the brand. The eye does, after all, have two very distinct purposes: it is the way in which we perceive the world, but also provides the world with a window to our truest selves.


The Scent


Main scent notes:

  • Peony
  • Jasmine
  • Ambroxan

The Kenzo World fragrance is a distillation of a commanding and unique spirit. Composed by Master Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, its notes of raspberry and florals, anchored by rich and woody Ambroxan, create an intriguing and nuanced scent profile.

It’s as contrary and boundary-breaking as the Kenzo Woman. The top note of lush peony entices you, followed with an enigmatic heart centre note of complex jasmine, and concluding with the resonant and powerful amber base note that sizzles through the florals.

Energetic and surprising, playing with conceptions of traditional feminine and masculine scents, Kenzo World seems to change with the moment; encouraging you to explore all its varied layers – like a true modern woman.

So: grab a bottle of Kenzo World. Stare life right in the eyes. What do you see?

Kenzo World is available in Canada exclusively at select Sephora and Hudson’s Bay locations in bottles of 50 ml ($105) or 75 ml ($125). A worldwide launch is planned for Fall 2017.


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