Trying Out an LED Facial at Province Apothecary

There are hundreds of different spas and skincare clinics in our fair city, each of which offers its own selection of special services. This can make finding the right esthetician a challenge, particularly when you have sensitive skin and don’t want to risk getting an adverse reaction! Last month, I got the chance to try out the Luminous Light Therapy Facial at Province Apothecary (PA) to see if it would work for my sensitive skin.

Trying Out an LED Facial at Province Apothecary - The LED Treatment | Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Trying Out an LED Facial at Province Apothecary}


Disclaimer: I received this service at no cost for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.


The use of light to treat acne has become increasingly common over the past few years. Infrared and LED lights reduce inflammation and kill bacteria without harming the epidermis, making this type of treatment great for those with sensitive skin. Rather than being exclusively focused on healing or preventing acne, however, the Luminous Light Therapy Facial at PA is advertised primarily as helping to increase collagen production and blood flow. This stimulation leads to a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and inflammation, all without causing irritation. It sounded almost too good to be true!


Trying Out an LED Facial at Province Apothecary - The PA Storefront | Toronto Beauty Reviews

The Experience

Right off the bat, I noticed that PA’s skincare clinic (located on the lower level of 1554 Dundas St. West) was comfortable, clean, and soothing. My Skin Therapist, Fran, greeted me warmly as I entered the space, and asked me to fill out a quick health form, as is standard practice. We chatted briefly about what I could expect, Fran asked me some questions as she looked over my form, and then the LED facial experience began!

The Luminous Light Therapy Facial ($120 first time clients, $100 returning clients) follows largely the same procedure as most facials, with the addition of the LED treatment towards the end of the service. While the order of steps and type of products used may differ depending on your particular skin needs, the facial essentially consists of:

  • Cleansing
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Toner application
  • Honey mask
  • Steaming towel
  • Serum application
  • Jade roller massage
  • LED treatment

For the LED treatment portion of the facial, Fran provided me with dark goggles to shield my eyes, then placed the light machine over top of my face. The lights are quite bright, but the eye coverings provide good protection, so I didn’t feel the need to squint. The machine stayed on for 15 minutes, cycling through a few different light patterns. My skin grew pleasantly warm as the lights shone down, and I felt very relaxed.

After my treatment, Fran answered any questions I had, and showed me some of the products she had used. She then provided me with my custom-blended face serum and explained why she had included each ingredient. I left the clinic feeling calm and cared-for, my skin absolutely glowing.


The PA Difference

While the general steps of the facial were quite similar to treatments I’ve had at other spas and clinics, I felt a big difference in the quality of the service and of the products used at Province Apothecary.

PA Skin Therapists use very few machines, focusing instead on manual massage and product application. This makes for a truly custom experience, as the pressure and type of touch can be shifted to your skin’s needs. When I expressed to Fran, for example, that I am extremely uncomfortable being touched underneath my chin, she accommodated seamlessly, avoiding the area and checking in with me during the facial to ensure I was OK. This type of care showed me that Fran was truly attentive to me and my comfort, not just going through the motions (as is unfortunately the case with so many other clinics).

The products being used during the treatment are just as high-quality as the customer service. PA is known for using organic, sustainably-sourced ingredients in their blends. The raw honey used in the mask is from Ontario bees, for example; the toner is filled with rose flower water and geranium extract, and the cleanser has avocado and raspberry seed oils. This commitment to natural ingredients means you can rest easy knowing your skin won’t be irritated by harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

As an added bonus, first-time customers at PA receive a custom-blended serum to take home. so you can keep nourishing your skin post-treatment. Your Skin Therapist then keeps your “recipe” on file, and any additional batches of your custom serum can be purchased for $32.

Trying Out an LED Facial at Province Apothecary - The Results | Toronto Beauty Reviews

Here I am post-LED facial! This photo is completely unedited: that glow is REAL, folks.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely loved the Luminous Light Therapy LED Facial at Province Apothecary! It was a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment that left my skin feeling incredible. I particularly appreciated Fran’s kindness, sensitivity, and knowledge (it will come as a surprise to no one that I ask a lot of questions!), and the custom serum and follow-up email extended the positive experience over the days that followed.

The LED portion of the treatment was relaxing and effective without being aggressive. Immediately after the facial, I experienced a tiny bit of redness, but it had already dissipated by the time I got back to my car. When I looked in the mirror, I saw radiant, plump, smooth skin. The fine lines on my forehead were visibly reduced, as were the patches of dry skin around my nose and chin.

In addition to loving the way my skin looked and felt post-treatment, I was happy to know I was supporting a local, ethical business that’s truly focused on wellness. For its clients and for our planet.


Do you think an LED facial would be right for your skin?

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