OPI SoftShades Pastels 2016

I am all about pastels when it comes to spring and summer nails! When the OPI SOFTSHADES PASTELS arrived in with my beauty mail I think my heart might have beat just a little bit faster. These colours were inspired by the Spring 2016 runway and are adorably cute and oh-so-chic.

OPI SoftShades Pastels 2016 // Toronto Beauty Reviews

{OPI SoftShades Pastels 2016}


Some Highlights of the Collection:

  • Opaque, you only need a couple of coats for rich, creamy colour
  • Soft, feminine, fresh and very fashion forward
  • Salon quality

Lately I have been taking a lot better care of my nails, shaping them and resisting that awful biting habit. Yes I even managed to round them out into an elegant almond shape. Then of course, one or two broke, I had to file and reshape all of them and that was that. Having lovely colours on my fingers does encourage me to continue in the upkeep of them. These 6 fantastic shades are simply breathtaking. I suppose you are probably curious about the names if you are anything like me. Yes, I quite shamelessly admit that when a nail polish has a cute name it actually ups the like factor even more for me.

OPI SoftShades Pastels 2016 // Toronto Beauty Reviews

L to R: It’s in the Cloud, I Am What I Amethyst, This Cost Me a Mint, It’s a Boy!, Stop I’m Blushing!, One Chic Chick


The OPI SoftShades Pastels collection is quite the well-rounded, as it covers such a range of tones; from white, to periwinkle, to soft blue, green, yellow and a warm, peachy-pink.

OPI SoftShades Pastels 2016 // Toronto Beauty Reviews

I am currently wearing It’s in the Cloud (which is a dreamy, warm white) as I type, but wore Stop I’m Blushing! recently and had a bad case of can’t-stop-staring-at-my-hands. This soft and delicate shade is sometimes pink, sometimes nude and even peach. I couldn’t decide what it was but liked it at each variation of colour. This polish would also look so sweet on feet! I have my eye on I Am What I Amethyst (Periwinkle) as it looks to be a tone that would really accentuate a tan and would be awesome on beach days!

Being salon quality, OPI is definitely where it’s at performance-wise. Layer your favourite top coat over one of these shades and you will look like you just had them done professionally. Speaking of which, I received some advice from a friend awhile back to always start your polish just above the cuticle and not to paint right up to it. This will insure that none will get stuck to your skin, as well as a perfect , smooth, arched line. I always noticed nail technicians doing that when I would get my nails done at a salon, but didn’t really know it was on purpose until someone told me. How cool is that?

Depending on your outfit and mood, any one of these gorgeous pastels could suit you on any given day. A day at a farm? How about One Chic Chick? A shopping day in uptown? Maybe I’m Blushing! will be the cherry on top.

These beautiful pastel shades can be purchased at approximately $12.50 CAD a bottle. They are available at professional salons, Beauty Brands, beautybrands.com, Chatters, Dillard’s, Regis, ULTA Beauty and ulta.com. Grab a few favourites, or buy them all! These will most likely be colour staples for me this season in my nail wardrobe.

How about you? Which of these OPI SoftShades Pastels has caught your eye the most?

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