Recent Faves and New Launches: Winter 2019

March: the time of year where the weather changes every few minutes, absolutely ruining your outfit plans. Even as I write this, the clouds started out as heavy and gray, then it snowed for 5 minutes, and now there’s bright sun with intense winds! Here’s a roundup of my recent faves and some new launches that have helped me get through the crazy weather of the past few months.

Recent Faves and New Launches - Winter 2019 | Toronto Beauty Reviews

{Recent Faves and New Launches: Winter 2019}

Disclaimer: The products and experiences below were provided to me at no cost for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. 


Given the intensity of Canadian winters, the January-March product release schedule is understandably dominated by skincare. I’ll touch on a few winter-ready skincare products I’ve been loving of late, but I’ve also made some haircare, makeup, and lifestyle discoveries that I can’t wait to share with you! Read on to find out about my recent faves and some new launches from:

  • Viviscal
  • The Inkey List
  • CeraVe
  • Covergirl
  • Body Harmonics



People often recognize me by my big mane of slightly unruly red hair, and my hair always been one of my favourite features. Over the past year, however, I’ve been suffering from stress-induced hair loss. My hair has been falling out at a rapid rate, and looks flat and lifeless. This has caused me additional stress and significantly affected my self-image – especially since part of my job is to take pictures of myself and post them on the internet.

I’ve been using the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying shampoo and conditioner ($19.99 each) since January, and have seen life coming back into my hair! The formulas smell lovely, and include strengthening ingredients like biotin, keratin, and zinc. I can’t say whether the products are actually thickening my hair or preventing loss, but they have certainly made my hair look more robust and feel nourished without being weighed down. The line also offers a Densifying Elixir and daily supplements for those looking for a more rigorous intervention.


Recent Faves and New Launches - Winter 2019 (The Inkey List) | Toronto Beauty Reviews

The Inkey List

Positioning themselves as “the beauty translators,” the founders of The Inkey List have created user-friendly products that get you big results without a big price tag. It’s easy to see why this skincare line has had such immediate success: the packaging of The Inkey List products is clear, the messaging is straightforward, there are no filler ingredients, and all of the products are under $15! Available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart, The Inkey List is absolutely worth checking out.

My favourite item from their line is the Caffeine Serum ($9.99). This super hydrating eye treatment is named – like all Inkey List products – after its main ingredient. Caffeine has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce puffiness and dark circles, so it’s a common ingredient in skincare, and especially useful around the eyes. I love how light this serum feels, and how well it absorbs into my skin. Despite my slightly erratic sleep schedule, my eyes have never looked better!



With the dry air outdoors and inside most buildings, finding the right moisturizer is a necessity! When my hands are feeling extra chapped, my go-to is CeraVe’s Moisturizing Cream ($21.99). Developed with the Canadian Dermatology Association, this rich moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid and 3 different ceramides to help hydrate your skin and restore its natural protective barrier.

The cream can be used all over your face and body. It’s suitable for folks suffering from psoriasis, eczema, or generally itchy and flaky skin, and is extremely gentle with almost no fragrance. It’s been such a hit in our house that I’ve kept a jar on the bedside table all winter. I love to put it on my hands just before crawling under the covers after a long (cold, windy) day.



Almost everyone I know has at least one Covergirl product in their makeup bag! The brand has been a drugstore staple for years, but lately has been releasing products that feel decidedly more high-end. I’m a big fan of their TruBlend Matte Made Foundation, and their Exhibitionist Mascara ($13.99) is definitely one of my recent faves.

This mascara has a drier formula than many, resulting in fewer smudges and fabulous volume. I find that it works best if you wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes as you apply, giving your roots an extra boost. And the best part is that all Covergirl products are now certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny program!


Body Harmonics

I’ve had two knee surgeries over the past few years, both on the same knee. As anyone who has had a similar major injury knows, the treatment and rehab process is long and involved. And the impact of the pain is far-reaching.

My injury caused me to I favour my knee when I walked. This led to me changing my gait, which ultimately created foot, hip and back stress. After years of walking this way, it became a habit I found tough to break: I needed someone to help me learn to move in a healthy way again. My physiotherapist recommended I try Pilates, and that’s when I found Body Harmonics.

Before trying Body Harmonics, when I thought of Pilates, I thought of thin, shiny, smiling women in Lycra. I was scared that I would be judged for my size and my lack of flexibility. Instead, I found a supportive, diverse community with the shared goal of fitness, but – more importantly – the goal of moving well. Each participant is encouraged to be aware of their own body and modify or intensify the class exercises as needed. For a group fitness program, Body Harmonics feels surprisingly individualized.

Recent Faves and New Launches - Winter 2019 (Body Harmonics Pilates) | Toronto Beauty Reviews

Hanging with Margot post-consultation

One of the best parts of the experience was the introductory consultation. I was lucky enough to have my one-on-one consultation with Margot McKinnon, founder of Body Harmonics. Even in such a short time with her, I was blown away by her kindness and her expertise. Margot analyzed my gait, gave me some suggestions for small alterations to my movement, and took me through some common Pilates exercises to show me how I could adapt them for my needs.

After just half an hour with Margot, I was able to move more smoothly and more mindfully. Margot gave me suggestions for how to protect and strengthen my knee during classes, but also allowed me to regain some confidence in my motion. And that’s something I can carry with me everywhere I go.


Which products have gotten you through the winter? Let us know your recent faves in the comments below!

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